Empowering Rural Communities
Through Seamless Internet
Connectivity for All.

EverCare Food Donate


Our goal is to empower people in rural and undeserved regions of Africa with equitable access to digital opportunities, fostering prosperity in a dynamic global landscape.

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EverCare Medical Care


Our mission is to empower individuals through digital skills, affordable internet, and online tools for socio-economic progress and inclusive development.

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EverCare Child Education


Our commitment is to actively promote development by providing individuals with essential digital skills and offering valuable online tools for socioeconomic progress.

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Our Projects

EverCare - Contribute for food hunger

Mem-Chemfre(Bruben) Network

The Afram Plains is an island located in the Eastern Region of Ghana. It hosts several communities which are largely described as rural and remote. Bruben is one of the major communities.

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EverCare - Contribute for food hunger

Geoponet Community Network

The Geoponet Cafe was established in November 2014 in Koforidua Ada in the Eastern region of Ghana and is aimed at providing affordable and easy access to the internet in all parts of the town.

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EverCare - Contribute to spread Education

Samreboi Community Network

The Samreboi Community Network project is aimed at providing affordable and easy access to the internet in all parts of the town.It serves all the public, private and households with their digital needs.

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EverCare - Contribute for Shelter

Kuntu Community Network

The Kuntu Community Network, launched in July 2022, partnered with a visionary individual to provide internet access to Nkusukum traditional communities in Kuntu, fully operational by August 26th, 2022

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Our Mandate

Our mandate is to connect rural areas, providing essential internet access to empower communities and drive socioeconomic progress

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